Are You Only Getting it Half Right?

Min high res colourAre you in an organization in which the leaders understand problem-solving and implementing, but are a bit fuzzy about problem generation and conceptualization? It can be frustrating when you know that the secret of organizational effectiveness requires both efficiency AND adaptability – or in other words, all four of these capabilities. Simply put, many organizations favor efficiency at the expense of adaptability. They become blind to other possibilities.

This week’s Minsight: How might you seize this opportunity to distinguish yourself, differentiate yourself from others? How might you be seen as a leader, taking your organization into a more complete way of thinking? What is the first step that you might take?

Hint: Could you offer to facilitate the next meeting of a team having trouble? Or perhaps share the four problem solving styles at a brown bag lunch? (How did it go? Do you have other experiences to share?)

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