Being strategic means solving problems

Are you adding strategic value to your organization? The best way to be recognized as a strategic player is to proactively bring solutions to your executive leadership team. The best solution begins and ends with the ability to correctly identify a problem and systematically develop a solution to solve it.

At its core, this is our problem-solving process:

  1. Problem formulation
  2. Solution formulation
  3. Solution implementation

Using the Basadur Applied Creativity Simplexity Thinking Process, our clients have consistently solved complex problems, uncovered fresh opportunities and implemented new solutions in their organizations. For example, we helped the Hamilton Juravinski Cancer Centre reduce a key contributor to wait times for radiation treatment by 39% over four months.

Of course your problem-solving process must be integrated with goals and skills. In today’s world of complex business problems, strategic solutions require creativity and an approach that leverages the strengths of a diverse and balanced team of problem solvers.

Gain insight into your own problem-solving style by completing the Basadur Profile questionnaire.

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